Unlike most, the McCarthy family from California actually has some vacation pictures and a story that someone else may find interesting. While they were sleeping at their Lake Tahoe cabin, they heard the horn of their Toyota Prius start honking. Roused from a deep sleep, they saw a bunch of activity going on inside the vehicle with "fuzzy arms flailing," and heard grunting noises coming from it. Shortly thereafter, their car was gone.

No it wasn't a bunch of crazy hairy thieves or wild teenagers out looking for a ride, but rather a black bear who somehow entered and got stuck in the car...... At some point during his adventure, he put the car into drive and off he went down the family's driveway, across a street, and finally into a neighbor's deck....... He only traveled less than 80 feet in all, but the damage he did during his adventure was massive. Here the family talks about how the bear pretty much ate the entire car.