The number of dead Israelis is mounting, and the war has not even officially begun. It commenced with a combined attack near Eilat, in Israel’s south, and quickly crept up moving in two directions, one along the seashore in a north-north-westerly direction, the other in a north-north-easterly direction crossing the vast expanse of the Negev...... The Gazans realized that firing multiple missiles at once renders Israel’s Iron Dome system less effective. It is able to stop some, but not all the missiles. So a barrage of Grad missiles hit Israeli towns and cities, like...
Never Again?....September Barbeque of Jews

One thing I must surrender: The Palestinians are determined.....Did anyone notice that they have been relatively quiet recently although September is already upon us?

There were several pronouncements by the PA they would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, but really not much more.....So what is in store for Israel later this month?

Israel has been relatively distracted by the “social revolt” that is now subsiding. The summer is over, school is back in session and life has to return to its normal course. The days of summer happenings at tent cities were full of attractions, but every party comes to an end.

Israeli politicians were on missions, seemingly targeting African countries for support. While this path allowed them to travel and accumulate miles and overseas expenses, the sum total of this effort is quite meaningless.... In fact, it promotes a false sense of security and a notion that “we have done everything possible, but the Palestinians are simply stronger.”
For God Goes with You to War

“When you go forth to battle against your enemies, and you see a horse and a chariot, a people much more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them, for the Lord, your God, is with you, He who brought you from the Land of Egypt.

“And as you get near to the war, the priest will approach and talk to the people. And he shall say to them: Hear O, Israel, you are getting near today to war upon your enemies. Your heart should not soften. Do not worry and do not hasten and do not affright from them.


Israelis are a strange bunch. At the moment, they seem confused, bewildered, otherwise smartly occupied.
It was before the land incursion into Gaza, that Rabbis and Commanders talked with the soldiers who were about to enter into the Devil’s Inferno. They would risk their lives, and fourteen of them would die. Why? Simply, because the Israeli military protects the lives of the innocent, even at great risk to its own soldiers.

Many would contest the presumption of “innocence” of the Gazans. For them, one simple answer was and is given: A person is a human being, created in the image of the Almighty, and Israel, despite all the blood libels, and unlike any of her enemies, holds the sanctity of life above all else.

Crazy those Israelis.
Friends with Absolutely No Benefits

“Friendship is an arrangement by which we undertake to exchange small favors for big ones.” Charles de Montesquieu

Arab spring?...It is to laugh.

The United States has spent millions fighting in Libya. Now when we ask them to hand over a murderous terrorist who killed 189 Americans on Pan Am flight 103, and was released in a disgusting oil-for-justice deal, they refuse.

They claim they believe he should be able “to die in peace.” Are you kidding me?
I am having a very hard time seeing a difference here between Gaddafi and this new regime.
So what does this say about the American ability to discern one evil from another? Plenty. We can’t.

We are in the business of exchanging evil. And we don’t even bother to do it at bargain prices.
We spent millions of dollars to oust a dictator to replace him with something far worse.
Sound familiar? Does the Shah of Iran ring a bell? Jimmy Carter exchanged the Shah for the Mullahs. Such a deal! How’s that working for us?

Now Obama has exchanged Gaddafi for something far worse, radical Muslim fundamentalists. Such another deal! Boy, are our leaders dumb!This so-called Arab spring will soon become a nuclear winter.

Misjudging extremists who are seeking power using a new sneakier tact will bring about the greatest threat to peace we have seen in our lifetime......Gaddafi operated on greed.