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  1. #1 Turkish Warships Will Challange Israel Gaza Blockade 
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    Turkish warships will escort any Turkish aid vessels to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said in remarks broadcast on Al Jazeera television on Thursday. Erdogan also said that Turkey had taken steps to stop Israel from unilaterally exploiting natural resources from the eastern Mediterranean, according to Al Jazeera's Arabic translation of excerpts of the interview, which was conducted in Turkish.
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    It looks like the Turks have a substantial advantage in terms of absolute numbers
    and displacement of naval units, while the Israelis have some advantage in terms of air power.


    14 Submarines
    17 Frigates
    7 Corvettes
    27 Fast attack craft and missile boat
    220 F-16
    157 F-4


    3 Submarines
    3 Corvettes
    10 Missile Boats
    58 F-15
    25 F-15E
    325 F-16

    I donít know what the differences are in training, morale, and technology,
    but they can only cover for so much.
    It would be a hell of a fight - Turks are NOT Arabs.
    They wonít punch out because the missile warning light came on.
    Also, if there really was a confrontation, you have to wonder who else would jump in.
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    This is a scary scenario.

    Also, Turkey is a member of NATO. Not sure about the EU, but in any case this is a disturbing scenario.
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!
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