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  1. #1 Newspaper Chain Drops Righthaven — ‘It Was a Dumb Idea’ 
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    The new chief executive of MediaNews Group, publisher of the Denver Post and 50 other newspapers, said it was “a dumb idea” for the nation’s second-largest newspaper chain to sign up with copyright troll Righthaven.

    The Denver-based publisher’s year-long copyright infringement litigation deal with Righthaven is terminating at month’s end, said John Paton, who replaced Dean Singleton to lead the company on Wednesday.

    “The issues about copyright are real,” Paton told in a telephone interview. “But the idea that you would hire someone on an — essentially — success fee to run around and sue people at will who may or may not have infringed as a way of protecting yourself … does not reflect how news is created and disseminated in the modern world.”

    “I come from the idea that it was a dumb idea from the start,” Paton added, noting that Righthaven was informed of the decision to end relations last month. ...
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    Gee... Couldn't have any thing to do with the fact that Righthaven, and those who it represents were ordered to pay;

    $5,000 for misleading a federal judge,

    $34,000 for an opponent’s legal fees

    And was told over and again by judges that it has no legal standing to even file the lawsuits.

    Righthaven didn’t own the copyrights it was filing suit over. The EFF called it a “sham.” process. And a Judge ruled that a “copyright owner cannot assign a bare right to sue”.

    Righthaven lost and lost big. Now that its costing more then what they thought they could make from this. Every one is running away from it.
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