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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    Faced with an expensive repair, I chose to buy a new 2012 Ford Focus!

    It's a 5 door hatchback, candy-apple red. I'm happy with it. It drives well and gets good mileage.
    I like the station wagon they made, which was of course their signal to stop making it.

    But I have to say, this impressed me:

    AM/FM Radio With Speed Sensitive Volume and 4 Speakers Total; CD Player; MP3 Player

    Ford is finally giving up on being uber cheap on the base model it seems. The most offensive thing about Ford has been their insistence on making the base model something you wish you hadn't bought. It was the thing that pushed me into the arms of Toyota. Maybe I'll give Ford another chance.
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    The 2012's are much nicer then the first few genearations of the Focus..they were simply a replacement for the Escort.. Ford took a gamble with the European design. Before this, they were sluggish and underpowered. If you wrecked one, it was pretty much a total. (I totaled several when I had a direct repair partnership with a couple insurance companies)

    The cars are very popular and in demand. I'm pretty sure the first few years the engines had writing on them that I could not translate from some thirld world country..but they were assembled in the states..

    Enjoy your car.

    My new SUV that I bought last December just hit 5000 miles..It's only a 12 mile round trip to work. Trips to Vegas in it are great..
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