Tallahassee, Florida - A museum in Tallahassee finds itself at the center of a fascinating international mystery involving a nearly 500-year-old piece of art believed to have been stolen by the Nazis during World War II.

The painting, called "Christ Carrying the Cross Pulled Up by a Soldier" is on loan to the Brogan Museum from another museum in Milan, Italy.......Now U.S. authorities are directing the Brogan Museum not to return the famous painting until they can figure out its rightful owners.....They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the story behind this famous painting could fill a novel.

Artist Girolamo Romano, who was just known by the name "Romanino" in his day, painted it around 1538.
In 1914, a Jewish man named Giuseppe Gentili bought the painting at an auction. Then during World War II, his family was forced to flee the forces of fascism in Italy.
They traveled to France and that's where the Nazis are believed to have stolen the famous painting from Gentili's apartment as German soldiers conducted raids across Europe seizing art, jewelry and money. Gentili's sister and other members of the family died in concentration camps.