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    Quote Originally Posted by ralph wiggum View Post
    Well, capitalism is alive and well. Wish that some of the profits had gone into victims' funds.
    I got pissed off and put the paper in the trash...but I'm sure some type of donation was made and they did spend a ton of dough on the memorial. There was also a 5 am-ish parade down the strip due to our time zone...

    When he moved to Las Vegas in 2004, Vehlies made a habit of visiting the tribute wall in front of the New York-New York on the Strip. He would scan the granite display, reading messages left as tribute in front of the hotel in the days after 9/11, searching for names he knew. He found several.

    It was not lost on him that he -- a native New Yorker and volunteer firefighter who was across the street from the World Trade Center on the day that terrorists attacked the United States -- visited a themed casino seeking a connection to his friends and his home.

    But, to him, the harbor with its tugboat, Statue of Liberty replica and permanent 9/11 display, represented a little piece of New York.

    "It's good that it's there. It's something that's needed," Vehlies says. "I think New York-New York did the right thing by keeping it there."

    The more I read online, it seems the the memorial has helped many during the grievng process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djones520 View Post
    We drove by AMC Headquarters yesterday, and they had the flag at half mast. My son saw this, and he said that they needed to fix it. I told him no, it was supposed to be that way today. He said "Oh. The flag is sad today."

    At three years old, he had no clue what had happened that day, and he had no clue just how right he was.
    He is very wise for his age good job dad
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