Flatulo (1000+ posts) Sun Sep-11-11 09:28 PM
Response to Reply #19

26. Maybe it's because your positions on 9/11 are rather unique and simply not shared by, well, anyone except a few other persons who have a tenuous grasp on objective reality. The physical events of 9/11 are widely accepted as verifiable truth and not considered subject to interpretation - 19 hijackers flew airplanes into various buildings and fields, and the buildings collapsed due to structural damage and fires. Yeah, maybe there was some deep political skullduggery around who ignored which memo and who covered whose ass, but that's stuff that just isn't verifiable to any great degree.

The rationalizations you use to explain this lack of enthusiasm for mini-nukes and no-planes are just that. The reason that people do not care about these theories is not apathy, but that the theories are simply insane. There is nothing to look into, because there is not a scintilla of scientific evidence to support your theories. You can cry in your beer and lament about the disinterest in your truth, but tragically for you, you are just all wet. I suspect you are going to go to your grave puzzled and confused as to why you are one of only a handful of people in the world who have figured out this whole alternate reality.
I'd rec it if I could.