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  1. #1 Stimulus: Trailer Loaded With35,000 Pounds Of Bud Light Overturns... 
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    SACRAMENTO..The tractor trailer flipped on its side after the driver failed to make a turn while exiting Interstate 80 at Truxel Avenue, according to police......The 53-foot big rig carrying cases of Bud Light Lime beer is blocking several lanes of Truxel on the Interstate 80 overpass.

    Crews are now offloading the boxes of bottled beer which were tossed around inside the truck. Dozens of the bottles broke and beer is leaking from the truck onto the roadway.
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    Eh, it's Bud big loss.
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    Actually, I was surprised to see it being hauled in a reefer (refrigerated van). I used to haul the stuff all the time in a dry van, then we'd leave it in the yard in Mississippi over the weekend. Take it to the distributer on Monday.

    Temp in the van? About 120. Maybe a little more.

    If you're a connoisseur of good beer you're not going to be drinking Bud anyway, I guess.;)
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    Could be worse they could have been carrying Coors Light ewww how can anyone drink that piss water yuck! That is the champagne of rednecks so I have been told
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