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    The first thing I thought when I heard that George W. Bush wrote a book was that I hope his teacher wife edited it for him. lol.

    Okay, jokes aside, I was curious and I sat down and read some of it yesterday in Barnes 'n Noble. It was pretty good. Of course, I went straight to Afghanistan and Iraq. I really liked hearing his point of view on things because for years I was like "What is he thinking?" I think he made an actual case for the terrorists believing we're weak because of messages he said was left at times regarding us (how we'd run and so forth). I've never heard anybody actually make a case for that perspective before. While he admitted there weren't stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq, he still made a good case for taking Hussein out. I do still think he made a mistake by saying that it was on Hussein to prove he was innocent of the charges. (Guilty until proven innocent?) I'm no longer as harsh on the US for putting in sanctions because it really couldn't be helped. I do however think we should have taken Hussein out years ago instead of letting it go this far. The sanctions didn't hurt him, just his people. Then he directly hurt his people. Just take the guy out next time. I remember when Robertson suggested we do that years ago and he was looked down upon. I was like "For once, I agree with him." lol.

    It's funny. I've taken that long on Bush's book and never started Obama's (despite buying it a long time ago). lol.
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    Good on you Lanie.

    I have some MAJOR disagreements with President Bush, but i NEVER questioned his honor or his good intentions.

    BTW - How the hell have you been?
    I long for the days when our President actually liked our country.
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    So, Lanie, if you have come to that point in Iraq, where do you stand on Libya?
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    President Bush has written several books, and Obama didn't write that piece of crap . Ayers did and has admitted it. Sir Golfsalot can't put a coherent sentence together without TOTUS .
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    Got his book and read it in about two days he amazes me and shows what a wonderful,caring man one I would one day love to meet.
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    I want to read it some day...I'd also like to pick up Cheney's new book..
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