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  1. #1 Looks Like Trouble: 'Turkish Navy Sending 3 warships to Mediterranean' 
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    Frigates will confront Israeli vessels in int'l waters in order to protect ships bringing aid to Gaza if necessary, Turkish media says.......Turkey is planning to send three warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to defend against Israeli vessels if necessary and ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships, Today's Zaman reported on Monday.
    The Turkish ships will provide protection for ships bringing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and confront Israeli warships outside of Israel's territorial waters if necessary, according to the report.


    The Ball's in Israels court..Lets see what they do ?.............
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    I'm guessing there might be three Turkish navy vessels at the bottom of the sea...
    Yes..this camera is heavy. can't be on TV.
    Look kid, go bother the reporter...I'm busy!!!
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