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Remember a few weeks ago, when WEAC, Wisconsin’s largest teachers union, laid off 40% of their staff? Well, they have started to rehire people for those spots… But it seems that, unlike what they would demand happen for their members, they are not recalling their laid off workers, they are going out of state to hire new workers, in effect, busting their own union contract with workers covered under a union that covers people that work for other unions…
Oh, the sweet smell of irony!

Just the fact that people that work for unions are unionized by other unions brings to mind so many laughable thoughts as it is, but the thought of WEAC being the union busters is hilarious!
WEAC has its own union troubles
Wisconsin’s largest teachers union has a problem.

A union problem.

This week, National Support Organization, which bills itself as the world’s largest union of union staffers, posted an online notice discouraging its members from seeking work with the Wisconsin Education Association Council.

“Don’t apply for WEAC vacancies!” screams the headline.
The reason for the boycott?

Chuck Agerstrand, president of the National Support Organization, is accusing WEAC officials of “breaching staff contracts and destroying any working relationship with its employees.”

“WEAC management is taking a page out of Gov. (Scott) Walker’s playbook and making up new employment rules not in the (United Staff Union) contract,” Agerstrand said on the labor group’s website. “They should be looking to the 42 employees they laid off to fill vacancies before they go outside the state.”
Dan Bice has all the juicy details, go read it all, and this is one of those times when the comments left on the papers website will also be a must read!

Shame! Shame! Shame!
To funny. When will WEAC Union employees start protesting their union's - union busting move?