Detailed New York City Abortion Rate Statistics Made Available For First Time

New York, NY, July 25…New detailed data on New York City’s staggering 41% abortion ratio –a rate almost twice the national average – show that the zip code with the highest abortion ratio in the city, 67%, is in Manhattan’s Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood. The data were made available today by the Chiaroscuro Foundation, a New York City not-for-profit organization that supports alternatives to abortion.

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The data, which was provided by the New York City Department of Health at the Chiaroscuro Foundation’s request, show the abortion rate by the zip code of residence of women receiving abortions in New York City. An online map of the data can be accessed at The zip code with the highest ratio, 10018, is in the Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan, with a ratio of 67%, followed by rates of 60% in two Jamaica, Queens zip codes and in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, 10012, and Central Harlem-Morningside Heights neighborhoods. The five zip codes with the lowest abortion ratios are on the Upper East Side, in Lower Manhattan, on the Upper West Side, and in Borough Park, Brooklyn. The lowest ratio, 6.12%, is in 10162. The fifteen highest and lowest zip codes, with selected demographic information, are available here:
What Do the Numbers Mean?

The third method, which was included in the Guttmacher Institute's most recent report on abortion statistics for 2005, is what they call the abortion ratio. When the Guttmacher Institute's researchers say abortion ratio, what they mean is "abortions per 100 pregnancies ending in abortion or live birth," which is to say, abortions as a percentage of all pregnancies excluding miscarriages. In 2009, NYC had a Guttmacher abortion ratio of 41%. The US had a Guttmacher abortion ratio of 23% in 2005.

That means that in New York City, 41% of all pregnancies except those which ended in miscarriage ended in abortion. In the Bronx, the abortion ratio reaches 48%. By all three measures, NYC has rates far beyond the national average. But the abortion ratio puts it in perspective: in parts of NYC, women choose to end nearly half of their pregnancies with abortion.