Via National Journal, this isn’t as self-parodically narcissistic as the headline makes it sound. He’s responding to a guy in the audience who screamed “I love you, Barack!” — itself a newsworthy event given the state of O’s polling lately — and is kinda sorta teasing in his reply. Too bad he doesn’t mean a word of it. Over to you, former Democratic congressman Martin Frost:

I supported Obama in 2008 and intend to vote for him again in 2012. But on this issue, he is simply wrong.

As good as this job program is, it is unrealistic to expect that this Congress will fund it 100 percent with tax increases rather than funding it with a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts.

Instead of making Congress an offer it could not refuse, the president has made Congress an offer he knows they will not accept…

Why would the president make a funding proposal that he knows Congress will reject?

The most likely explanation is that his jobs program was a campaign document — not a real plan for putting people back to work.