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    Breeze54 (1000+ posts) Mon Sep-08-08 03:52 PM
    Original message
    Set woman straight in Post Office about Palin's lie about selling plane on E-Bay!

    The PO was packed and it was hot in there and this woman starts talking really loud and laughing about how great it was that Palin had the "shutzpah" to sell that plane on E-Bay and she made a profit!11! I was standing behind her, waiting in line with about ten other people and I spoke up and said, "She lied!" The woman turned around with a look of disbelief and said, "Well; then someone should tell that to Boston Globe because then they're lying because that's where I read it!" And I said, "Yeah, you should tell them because it's not true!" and the room went silent, so I proceeded to inform all of them that "she HAD put it on E-Bay BUT it didn't sell and the State of Alaska had to hire a broker to sell it and he did... at a loss!" She almost ran out the door, mumbling under her breath and everyone was strangely silent in the Post Office after I added, "She pretty much lied and told half truths in her whole speech and it's all been fact checked. Look it up in the internet!" Nobody was smiling after that except me and the guy behind the counter! He smiled at me (I know him from going in there all the time) and he laughed! He hates the GOP and the RW!
    As has been noted, the bouncys are flying fast and furious over there. How come I've yet to encounter this strange phenomenon? I thought I got out enough. I need to get out more.

    Don't even bother clicking the link
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    Zero bongs.

    They seem to have abandoned their conversion bouncys in favor of "I made an ass of myself in public" bouncys. If this continues we'll have to come up with a new grading system.
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    -1 bong.

    sarah said she put it up on ebay. and she did. like three times.

    sarah did sell it.

    like one would sell a used car. the sale of the plane brought millions of dollars back into the coffers of state of alaska.

    was the selling price less than the original purchase price of the plane? yeah.

    go sell your car right now. and report back to me if you get more money than what it was originally purchased for.

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    Direct quote from speech: "I put it on eBay"

    DUmmies Lie - all the time.

    I give it four bongs. Post office line, smacking down the Rethuglican in public with DUmmie talking points that are lies and then getting the wink from the employee. Given the caliber of bouncy we see lately, I'd say this one is rather good.

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    geeeeeeeze .. it wasn't even an attempt at a convincing lie.

    Just a really bad one.

    Comeon DUmpers .. you can do better than that!
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