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The crisis of poverty in America is one of the great moral and economic issues facing our country. It is very rarely talked about in the mainstream media. It gets even less attention in Congress. Why should people care? Many poor people don't vote. They certainly don't make large campaign contributions, and they don't have powerful lobbyists representing their interests.

Hereís why we all should care. There are 46 million Americans Ė about one in six Ė living below the poverty line. Thatís the largest number on record, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Census Bureau. About 49.9 million Americans lacked health insurance, the report also said. That number has soared by 13.3 million since 2000.
Fun fact: Census Bureau openly admitted, while releasing the new poverty figures, that their statistics are flawed and they are developing a new means to measure real poverty, not "America" poverty. So this intention deception by Senator Sanders is noted.

Why not be forthcoming about the facts, Senator? If your position is so righteous, why would you need to intentionally deceive the masses at DailyKos?

Quote Originally Posted by The Amazing Senator Bernie Sanders
When we talk about poverty in America, we think about people who may be living in substandard and overcrowded homes or may be homeless We think about people who live with food insecurity, who may not know how they are going to feed themselves or their kids tomorrow. We think about people who, in cold states like Vermont, may not have enough money to purchase the fuel they need to keep warm in the winter. We think about people who cannot afford health insurance or access to medical care. We think about people who cannot afford an automobile or transportation, and canít get to their job or the grocery store. We think about senior citizens who may have to make a choice between buying the prescription drugs he or she needs, or purchasing an adequate supply of food.
This is why I love Senator Sanders. Ask anyone what ol' Bernie actually does and they will answer real fast without blinking an eye - talk. Thats all Sanders does, talk talk talk. He never has solutions. He never has ideas. He just bitches and flings mud and then talks some more. I think he figures that if he flings enough poo on Capitalism, America will "embrace" Socialism.

I'm all for helping out the real poor through charity. I'm not all about helping those spoiled Americans who are upset that they have to work to afford a nicer car so they can be like their heros in Jersey Shore.

But the whole reason I posted this was for this comment:

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having observed the results of poverty all of my life I agree poverty equals a death sentence. I would take this analysis even farther and assert that such a sentence represents a slow, torturous, inhumane sentence that is executed over a period of years. Due to the nature of death due to poverty and the length of time involved in the execution of the sentence, I would argue such a sentence represents cruel and unusual punishment and as such, should be declared unconstitutional.

However in today's climate who has the guts to make such an assertion?