For well over 100 years, big and central Government fans have railed against freedom, states rights and human rights.... Many of us middle-aged types remember growing up with the fear of a nuclear exchange between us and the dreaded Communist Russia.

In fact, they have only gotten more funded, more organized, sneakier and changed their name many times while you weren’t looking. ..... In fact, the term Communism has the ring now of a ‘a fossil’ a museum piece. You almost sound paranoid and fringe to even talk about the dangers of communism. ... Certainly to talk about the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism renders you mentally ill. ..... You are an Islamaphobe for noticing the unending, international murders and push for a caliphate.

Progressivism is the name now that represents big Government, societal, business and personal controls, It is communism and thinks ‘the people’ are stupid and must be controlled. Progressivism sounds so ‘forward thinking’ and open to progress and people, doesn’t it? The truth is, when going back and unfolding its cancerous core you see it everywhere and backed by big name people in our history and currently in the White House.

You can see part of the push away from capitalism, individuality and freedom with Edward Bellamy’s novel, Looking Backward in 1888. It was an amazingly popular futuristic book talking about an organized military battalion of unified workers that obeyed a strict hierarchy of authority. There were no rich and poor, no prosperity, no capitalism. It was painted and defined as paradise. People were unified, entertained while working together. Read the many historical articles outlining the growth and names connected with progressivism at