Plans to erect three major server halls in Luleå in northern Sweden, a project believed to be initiated by social media giant Facebook, has been halted due to the conservation of a rare woodpecker.

A private appeal has been lodged by a 68-year-old resident who claims the construction would harm wildlife in the nearby Natura 2000 area....“If they wanted to protect bird life they wouldn’t have done this,” the man told IT magazine Computer Sweden.

Natura 2000 is a European initiative which works to protect important environments and their rare animal and plant species.....According to the Luleå municipality website, it is prohibited to build without a permit in a way that might affect the wildlife in any Natura 2000 area......The man was not pleased with the verdict when this was first brought up in court and the permit was initially granted, and therefore appealed the case to the Swedish Land and Environment Court (Miljödomstolen).

His appeal was initially rejected on the grounds that he, as an individul, didn't have the jurisdiction to appeal.
Not wanting to surrender however, he took the matter further, despite his sinking popularity in the area, which has welcomed the Facebook project.