Instead of those hair implants or the Rogaine or various drugs for thinning hair, try these food cures. They might help and at least should taste good and get you on the road to good health. They can't hurt and just might help. :D

Joy Bauer Shares the Best Foods for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

(Joy Bauer speaking at a luncheon celebrating the release of a new edition of Food Cures.)

We were celebrating the release of a brand new edition of Joy’s book Food Cures with a menu of ingredients Bauer selected for their health and beauty benefits from strengthening nails to boosting your mood. Despite being uber-healthy, the menu was anything but bland – we were treated to chocolate mousse (flavinoids for lower blood pressure) and a pomegranate Prosecco cocktail (UV-protecting antioxidants).

Here are other “Food Cures” from our delicious meal that all fit Bauer’s mantra that you can eat your way to better health:

Clams and mussels: This delicious duo is an excellent source of iron-rich protein which works wonders on your hair. The iron delivers oxygen right to your hair follicle to stimulate growth, while the protein is the building block of the hardened keratin that makes up your hair and nails.

Lentils and edamame: Vegetarians can still get their dose of iron-rich protein by incorporating these foods into their diet. Lentils and edamame are both high in the protein that is necessary for cell growth, including hair and skin cells, and will keep hair strong and speed up its growth. Edamame has the added bonus of folate and omega-3 fats which also help maintain healthy skin and hair. Bauer recommends eating iron-rich vegetables with foods high in vitamin C since it helps your body absorb the protein more easily!

Red Pepper: Most people usually grab an orange for their daily dose of vitamin C, but did you know that a red pepper has double the amount? Snacking on this vitamin C-rich veggie helps protect your skin from harmful sun rays, builds collagen to keep skin firm and toned, and promotes hair growth.

Spinach: The leafy green is packed with beta-carotene which Bauer refers to as “nature’s exfoliant”, sloughing off old skin cells and laying down new ones. Spinach is also high in folate, a B vitamin that aids in the creation of red blood cells, which carries oxygen to hair follicles, and delivers a dose of wrinkle-fighting antioxidants. Bauer’s tip for eating more beta carotene-rich foods? Go for color! Deep green and bright orange colors are a sign that the fruit or vegetable is high in beta carotene.

Almonds: This nut is already hailed as the perfect afternoon snack as the protein-packed almond stabilizes blood sugar and keeps you feeling satisfied. But a handful of almonds also delivers 1/3 your daily value of vitamin E, which is vital to your skin health, protecting cells from the sun and helping to keep skin firm and elastic.

(Green tea and rosemary spiced Arctic char was served at the luncheon.)

Salmon: Salmon and other fatty fish are great options for healthy omega-3s which protect skin, reduce the risk of some skin cancers and help fight inflammation. Fatty fish is also a good source of vitamin D which is great for oral health, as it helps your body absorb calcium, which keeps teeth and gums healthy. Bauer prepared a delicious alternative – Arctic char – which boasts the same benefits as salmon, is environmentally friendly and low in contaminants.

Eating a healthy diet really can make all the difference, especially when it comes to beauty — and your stomach will enjoy it just as much as your body will! You can learn about more fo