Barack Obama book casts grim view of president's leadership

The White House has mounted an aggressive operation to discredit Ron Suskind's book

A new book about Barack Obama, whose Pulitzer-prize winning author received extensive co-operation from the White House, portrays the American president as indecisive, out of his depth and facing insubordination from advisers.
Overall, Suskind portrays Mr Obama as ineffectual and uncertain not the image the White House wants to be projected at the start of his re-election campaign.

"During so many days of crisis in his first two years," Suskind writes, "Obama often felt that performance pressure having to play the part of president, in charge and confident, each day, in front of his seasoned, combative, prideful team, many of whom had, all together, recently served another president.

"As he confided to one of his closest advisers, after a private display of uncertainty, 'I can't let people see that, I don't want the staff to see that. But I get up every morning. It's a heavy burden'."

Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, said in a statement: "The truth is simple and well known: President Obama and his economic team walked into office during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and took bold, decisive action that prevented the collapse of the financial system, saving millions of jobs and putting the economy back in a place where it is creating jobs and growing again.

Daniel Pfeiffer..Spinmeister

Daniel Pfeiffer (born December 24, 1975, Wilmington, Delaware) is Assistant to the President of the United States and the White House Communications Director. He was previously a member of Obama's presidential transition team........In 2000, he was a spokesperson for Vice President Al Gore. He has since worked for Senators Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle, and Evan Bayh, and was communications director for the Obama campaign.......Pfeiffer was formerly a spokesman for Senator Evan Bayh. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University.

On July 16, 2006, Pfeiffer married Sarah Feinberg, a senior adviser and spokeswoman for Obama's former Chief of Staff, and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel.