I just came from an event at a MAC store. . .I swore I wouldn't buy nothin, but. . .of course, I bought a long wearing lipstick... MAC long wear lip creme in "Extended Play"

And some blush that I'll probably use as eyeshadow in Frankly Scarlet

I also went to a place called inglot. . . where if you're familiar with the Mary Kay system of picking out customized pallets, it's the SAME THING, but for pretty much every damn thing. You can play with the colors to your hearts content like a 5 y/o girl. And they are Polish-based. If you know your Polish history... support Polish based businesses along with American ones. :D My vodka is polish, and now my makeup might be too. :p

So yeah, I bought some sh!t there too. Funny thing is, I don't wear a whole shedload of make up in real life. Just really dramatic eye shadow, lip stick and gloss and I'm good to go. But after 6 months of dancing, and another 2-3 months occasionally making up adult actors and dancers (while working at the bookstore). And since I'm pretty much "in public view" at the medium-end department store I work at, I've acquired a whole raft of stuff and advice on how to wear it.

I know you ladies have acquired stuff too... what do you LOVE and swear you cannot live without? What do you hate and hope they burn the factory down that made it? Cream v. Powder foundation? Is eye shadow primer really necessary ?

I mean, it's the estrogen area... may as well talk about it here. :p