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  1. #1 Once prosperous New Yorkers forced to live under canvas in New Jersey woods 
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    The white picket fence and manicured flowerbeds outside 1 Paradise Lane are straight from a picture postcard of idyllic suburban American life in the 1950s.

    But its walls are no more than canvas. Its porch overlooks smouldering bonfires and scrawny hens scratching at dirt. And mail never arrives in the letterbox that was hand-painted by Marilyn Berenzweig.

    Mrs Berenzweig, 61, used to make $100,000 (£63,333) a year as a designer in New York’s garment district. Now she and her husband Michael are down and out in 'Tent City' in Lakeland, New Jersey. There is no electricity or running water and racoons steal their food. “It’s not an easy life,” she said.

    She and Mr Berenzweig, a former radio producer, are two of the 27 million Americans out of work or under-employed as recession stalks the US once more.

    New census figures this month showed that poverty is at an 18-year high, more than one in seven having to survive on less than $11,139 (£7,054) a year each or $22,314 (£14,132) for a family of four.

    The couple had to leave their $2,000 (£1,266)-a-month house after Marilyn lost her job. They lived with their 40-year-old daughter and her family for four months before a row drove them out.

    After reaching the 90-week limit for unemployment benefits, they now receive less than $100 (£63) per week between them in food stamps. “The nearest supermarket is 2.5 miles away,” she said. “Usually we walk”. Social security will kick in only when she is 62, and her modest pension at 65.

    “I'm scared about how life is going in America,” said Mrs Berenzweig. “I hope we'll move into an apartment again one day. But we need money.” ...
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    There has got to be more to their situation than they are telling.

    I have a friend who will be in that position at that age, if she continues to avoid finding a career type job. No pension, no savings, no health insurance other than Medicaid. She doesn't own a home or a car, or anything of value.
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    Another liberal success story.
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    I'm seeing more vehicles that appear to be doubling as homes. The other day at North Shore, I sat and watched a man maintaining his rolling dwelling. As Michael Jackson music (cassette I believe) played on a boom box which had been Mickey Moused to the cigarette lighter, this man aired his bedding on the roof of the mini van while he cleaned and organized the interior. The front passenger seat and foot zone appears to be his pantry. He was organizing his food, removing packaging and placing like items in their proper plastic bins. He didn't appear to be mentally ill, merely orderly.

    You can usually see a couple homeless or borderline homeless people at the beach at North Shore. They can shower in the outside showers and use the restroom, allowing them to be clean and have some dignity. My mother was once at North Shore pool and in the changing room when she realized that the reasonably well groomed and dressed woman in the locker room with her was actually a homeless woman who had paid the admission charge to use the facilities. She bathed, shaved, and fixed her hair, put on some clean clothes and rinsed out some personal items.

    I guess if you are going to be homeless, Florida beats the hell out of some other places. At least we have easily accessible showers available to the public. You won't find those in DC.

    I also see some motorhomes on their last legs which appear to be rolling residences of the necessary rather than the recreational kind. Some of these old rigs look like their remaining miles can be measured in days. They park at the less popular beaches and parks in hopes that no one will complain. Occasionally they will risk an overnight. We also have people living on nearly derelict boats anchors just outside the swim zone. The distance makes it look scenic to the untrained eye, it's only when you look closely that you notice that some of the boats have no sails, one even has no mast. I see the occupants rowing in to go to work or hang out on shore (OK, so they go to the bar) and I think about how miserable it must be to have a run of the flu or potty-intensive bouts and be living on a boat with no heat or AC and no working bathroom. We don't want to know how they work around that.

    Times tough for a lot of people. I've read that we are one of the most charitable people in the world. Hope springs eternal.
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    I've read that we are one of the most charitable people in the world.
    We are. The more Nanny McGovernment reaches into our pockets, the less charity we can afford.
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    Bijou ...

    Thanks for this article. Whether 100% factual or not, is very telling.

    I do believe that many Americans, formerly tax-paying folks with comfortable incomes, the so called "middle-class" or whatever, are ... if not already in this dreadful unemployed and homeless state, will soon find themselves in it.

    It truly breaks my heart. More than that, it infuriates me to no end.

    And we all know just whom to thank! ... :mad:

    It's working! ... It's working!
    Just as ... I planned!

    This despicable man is succeeding in bringing down this country intentionally!!!

    ~ ABC
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