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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    The one coworker who comes to mind is a conservative, who has a master's degree. She asked me what the difference was between a Senator and a member of the House. But this is the same woman who:

    In 1999, we were getting ready for a big open house party to celebrate the opening of a new building. I was in the lunchroom, blowing up balloons. She walked in and asked me what I was doing (duh). I told her I was preparing for my presidential internship. She didn't get it.
    :eek: LMFAO...there are idiots on both sides
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    Michigan requires all students to pass "government" class or civics before graduation. You'd be surprised by how many people I have had as coworkers (a job requiring a bachelor's degree) can't name the 3 branches of government, nor list any of the checks and balances that separation of power entails. Not to mention the differences between a Senator and a member of the House of Representatives. And it's people on both sides of the spectrum, not just liberals or conservatives.

    My high school even offered 3 levels of government class: 1. for advanced students, 2. for average students and 3. for slow students. They all covered the same basics, but the advanced class had guest speakers, and discussed political issues in addition to the basic lessons.
    The teacher in my school wasn't a bad one, but it was obvious that Civics was a "secondary" class for her, with economics being her primary one. I taught her a few things when I went through the class...

    It is required, but if many schools are like mine was, it's not really taught.
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