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    A Mighty Economic Smackdown

    Seems like Warren Buffett isn't drinking all the Kool-Aid.
    Awesome: Warren Buffett Won't Endorse Obama's "Buffett Rule" or Jobs Plan

    5 hours ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate chaser to the president's recent shot of exploitive and counter-productive class warfare. Appearing on CNBC this morning, Warren Buffett declined to embrace Obama's soak-the-rich gambit that is literally named after him. Strike one, Warren:

    That's a tad humiliating for the White House, but I'm sure the Oracle of Omaha would at least offer his enthusiastic support for the president's overall jobs plan, right? Um, strike two:

    Maybe even a true-blue Obama supporter like Buffett realizes that $1.6 million per job saved or created is pure madness. I'm tempted to go back to Buffett's slap down of Obama's stupid "corporate jets" refrain to ring him up on a third strike, but I think I'd rather hold my fire in the hopes that Buffett will deliver one more fresh embarassment to the administration before the day is done. Alas, I'm probably hoping against hope. You just know Warren's phone started ringing off the hook the moment his CNBC comments lit Twitter up a few hours ago. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Democrat-controlled Senate still hasn't acted on the president's "pass this bill" demand. Why not? Reid, Schumber, Durbin & Co. do not have the votes:

    Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said, at the moment, Democrats in Congress don’t have the votes to pass President Obama’s jobs bill, but Durbin added that that situation would change. “Not at the moment, I don’t think we do, but, uh, we can work on it,” Durbin said, according to Chicago radio station WLS.

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    Now I'm getting nervous, we don't want this guy beat down too bad because Hillary would be harder to beat then Obama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    Now I'm getting nervous, we don't want this guy beat down too bad because Hillary would be harder to beat then Obama.
    I don't think Hillary has a chance this year. Obama's backers have circled the wagons and invented this Occupy Wall Street PR stunt to pull in the base to support Oblahblah. The money being poured into this stunt by certain familiar faces is enough to dissuade Hillary from even trying.
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    This kind of reminds me of the time GHW Bush became friends with Bill Clinton.
    Then Bill, in true fashion, tried to use the Bush admiration as a sort of endorsement.
    So Bush had to publicly swat Bill down, but not so hard that it cause public uproar..........
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