A large handwritten poster (purportedly) from a laid-off employee of the defunct bookselling chain Borders entitled "Things we never told you: Ode to a bookstore death," reveals several key truths of bookselling (and some cranky griping):

Things we never told you: Ode to a bookstore death

We hate when a book becomes popular simply because it was turned into a movie.

We greatly dislike the phrase "Quick Question." It's never true. And everyone seems to have one.

We always knew when you were intently reading Better Homes and Gardens, it was really a hidden Playboy.

It NEVER bothered us when you threatened to shop at Barnes & Noble. We'd rather you do if you're putting up a stink.

"I was just here last week and saw this book there" meant nothing to us. The store changed once a week.

Oprah was not the "final say" on what is awesome. We really didn't care what was on her show or what her latest book club book was. Really.

Things We Never Told You: Ode to a Bookstore Death (imgur.com)
Pic of the whole list here

I'd never have guessed they didn't like Glenn Beck.