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    Did a look but haven't found a thread where we pool all our goods into a single thread, so figured now was a good time to start.

    When did you serve? What locations? What Branch? No ones required to share this info if they don't want to.

    For myself, I enlisted into the AF DEP in July of 2001, and went AD in Feb 2002 as a Weather Forecaster. I've spent about a year or more at Keesler AFB Mississippi, Manas AB Kyrgyzstan, Shaw AFB South Carolina, Misawa AFB Japan, and Scott AFB Illinois. Planning on going the full 20.
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    Since I know we have one guy here from Ft. Hood, I thought I would ask if any of you remember an old Korean (Army) and Vietnam (Air Force) War helicopter pilot in a wheelchair who used to work as a greeter at a Ft Hood commissary or PX.

    That was my uncle, and we loved him a lot.
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    Enlisted Naval Reserve Dec, 1962.
    Went active June, 63.

    I served on both coasts. Amphibious Fleet, Mediterranean and Caribbean. Operations Game Warden and Market Time, VietNam, 1967-68. Temporarily assigned to both Colombian and Philippine navies for about 6 months each, and served as aboard Plainview AGE(H)-1 until discharge in 1971
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    USN 1966-70 4 deployments to US 7th fleet vietnam.
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    Enlisted Reserves in the duty 56-58....F.A. surveyor instructor. Turned down OCS, radar school and golf teaching offers because extending my time was a no no. Spent most of my time in Germany 7th Army. The top General sent down word that I was to pull no duty and play golf for 6 weeks prior to the All Army Golf Tounament in Berlin. He wined and dined this PFC after placing 3rd in the European command tourney.
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    My Dad's WW1 diary is here, and my notes are here. Nothing spectacular.......but proud to have served nevertheless.

    The rest are here...
    Benjamin, Sr., Benjamin, Jr., Lemuel, William and Benjamin Edgar are my connections with our great nation and some of the wars that we have fought. In all, the Cruzan family has shared a long and interesting history in these United States. We are in-laws to President Ulysses S Grant and have competed with Alexander Graham Bell for the first successful telephone. We've served our nation in military and civilian capacities. And we have our black sheep as well. A military deserter and two outlaws, one of which is buried along with the Hole-in-the-wall gang in Arizona.

    But most of all, I'm proud of our military tradition.

    Revolutionary War
    Benjamin Cruzan, Sr., Co. "C", 5th Troop, 1st Regiment Light Dragoons, Continental Troops

    War of 1812
    Benjamin Cruzan, Jr., Dowden's Company of Infantry, 4th Kentucky Volunteers
    Isaac Cruzan, Dowden's Company of Infantry, 4th Kentucky Volunteers
    Israel Ross Cruzan, 1st Regiment, Ohio Militia
    John Wesley Cruzan, Collier's Regiment, Ohio Militia

    Civil War
    Amos Cruzan, Co. "C", 130th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    Benjamin Cruzan, Co. "C", 125th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
    Charles Cruzan, Co. "D", 48th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
    Elias Cruzan, Co. "F", 155th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    John Cruzan, Co. "C", 130th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    John A. Cruzan, Co. "F", 3rd Regiment, Iowa Infantry
    Oliver Henderson Cruzan, Co. "D", 73rd Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    Rozman Cruzan, Co. "E", 12th Regiment, Kansas Infantry
    Thomas Cruzan, Co. "D", 146th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    Thomas Lee Cruzan, Co. "F", 7th Ohio Cavalry Regiment
    William Cruzan, Co. "G", 87th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    William Edward Cruzan, Co. "K", 58th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    William Henry Cruzan, Co. "K", 138th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry
    William Harvey Cruzan, Co. "K", 131st Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Cavalry
    William Manton Cruzan, Co. "E", 12th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Cavalry

    Indian Wars
    Alfred Jacob Cruzan, Co. "C", 1st United States Infantry Regiment, Arizona Territory

    Spanish-American War
    Clarence Kyle Cruzan, Co. "B", 10th United States Regiment

    World War I
    Benjamin Edgar Cruzan, Pvt., Battery "F", 341st Field Artillery, 89th Division, 3rd Army, AEF
    Benjamin Franklin Cruzan, Pvt., Co. "C", 342nd Machine Gun Battalion, 89th Division, 3rd Army, AEF
    Charles W. Cruzan, United States Navy, AEF
    Charles Milton Cruzan, AEF
    Jacob W. Cruzan, Pvt., 89th Division, 3rd Army, AEF
    Levi Morton Cruzan, AEF
    Ray Ivan Cruzan, Co. "A", 312th Engineer Battalion, 89th Division, 3rd Army, AEF

    World War II
    Cecil Wesley Cruzan
    Charles Grant Cruzan, Cmdr., United States Navy
    Clare Cruzan, Cpl., United States Army
    Clifford Cruzan, S1/C., United States Navy
    Clyde Oliver Cruzan
    Donald Cruzan
    Edward M. Cruzan, BMC., United States Navy
    Halbert B. Cruzan, Lt., United States Navy
    Harold L. Cruzan, Pvt., United States Army Air Force
    Harry Arthur Cruzan
    James Franklin Cruzan, Jr., United States Navy, MIA and declared dead February, 1942
    James M. Cruzan, Cpt., 514th ATC, United States Army Air Force, KIA 1945, CBI Theater
    John Sargeant Cruzan, Maj., USMC
    Joseph Albert Cruzan
    Kenneth Irvin Cruzan, Sgt., United States Army Air Force, who died in a Japanese POW camp
    Leonard F. Cruzan, Sgt., United States Army Air Force, POW, Stalag Luft IV, 1944-1945
    William R. Cruzan, Cpl., Co. "A", 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Division, United States Army, Bronze Star

    Korean War
    William R. Cruzan, Sgt., Co. "A", 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Division, United States Army, MIA at Pork Chop Hill,
    July 6, 1953. Declared KIA July 7, 1954

    Vietnam War
    Allen Wesley Cruzan, PO4, United States Navy
    Marvin C Cruzan, 3276th SchRon, 3275th Group, Air Training Command, USAF; 91st Ranger Battalion, ARVN, MACV; Co."B", 937th Signal Battalion, MoANG

    Gulf War
    David Michael Cruzan, Cpl., United States Marine Corps

    These records have been compiled from the records of the National Archives, the St. Louis Record Center and from family members. Unfortunately, over the years, many government records have been lost. First when the British sacked and burned Washington during the War of 1812 and later when a fire spread through the St. Louis Records Center destroying many of the records from World Wars I and II and the Korean conflict.
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    New Mexico USA
    Basic and Advanced Infantry, Fort Polk LA

    RVN, 1967-68 with D CO, 2ND BN, 27TH Infantry, 25 INF DIV
    The poster formerly known as chuck58 on the old board.
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    Thank you all of you that have served you are all the best
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    Coal Fields of WV
    USN 1973-77. Served with VA-22 out of Lemoore,Ca. Deployed aboard USS Coral Sea. WestPac.
    After active duty, did 4 in Reserves.
    In my later years, volunteered in USCGA for 5 years.
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    U.S. Marine Corps from 1985 to 1989 - Kaneohe Bay Hawaii
    Marine Reserves from 1989-1992 - Tulsa, OK
    (3 years off for college)
    Army National Guard from 1995 to present. - Tulsa Oklahoma
    Currently serving in Afghanistan
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