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Moby Dick, quite simply, is what happens when you don't know the meaning of the words "cut your losses". In the end, Ahab is so blinded by vengeance that it not only inevitably costs him his own life, but the Pequod, and all of those serving aboard. As for how it reads, it's the sign of the times. Read Dickens, same kind of reading.
That's about it, but there is more...
Not all the sailors went along with Ahab's crazy desire to enact revenge. Starbuck didn't. Starbuck alone was the man able to stand aside and let everyone else cheer the gold piece nailed to the mast. Starbuck saw the danger. But it didn't help him; he was still aboard the Pequod.

A sign of the times?...................Could be. Who is Ahab? And Starbuck? And are we all on the Pequod?:)