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Anyone else have a problem with the fact that the OWNERS of Zuccotti park cannot evict the protestors without going through a ton of red ink?

The protestors have taken over PRIVATE PROPERTY .
I get the impression the owners are kind of playing both sides of the street, I believe the property company traces back to Obamites and they are treating the pissed-off local population with a Broadway production of "Oh, my, but whatever are we to do???"

Anytime Bloomberg wants, he could just jump to having the site declared a public nuisance due to sanitation and damage issues and close it down, or the owners could file trespass charges on anyone (Everyone) violating the posted park terms of use like 'No tents.'

My sense of it is Bloomberg is waiting for the weather to turn shitty instead of taking a PR hit for acting directly, and the owners of the park are actually following the White House's lead on letting this circus act run until Obama gets his jobs bill passed (Or doesn't, at which point they will still be useful props for him).