When I was a kid, we had beagles...never less than two dogs at a time. A few got lost in the canadian woods. They were mostly used for hunting rabbits, my father's past time. They lived outside in a the doghouse. They had a fenced in portion of the yard. They went hunting every weekend during hunting season. I didn't really take care of them, as they were my dad's dogs and they weren't allowed in the house much. They were fed by my parents. When they were allowed in the house though, I loved to play with them. The first beagle, Regina, had two litters, we all took care of them before they were given away.

So, in essence, I didn't have the responsibility of caring for a dog. I've been a cat person since I moved out as the building I lived in at the time didn't allow dogs.

I'm thinking of adding a beagle to the family. I dont' know how it would work as I am out of the house for 10 hours a day. I am not very keen on using crates...and dont know if leaving the two cats and a dog home alone, with the run of the house is a good idea either. I don't have a fenced in yard either. My community is a very dog friendly community though..and we have lots of walking paths, lakeside...

The dog would only get walked twice on the weekdays, morning and night...it would have to stay home during my workshift. On the weekends, I would devote more time to it, and take it out to the dog beach and dog park. I have been meaning to get on an exercise schedule...and this would make me take walks and be more active.

I'm not worried about the financial obligation...but I do like my vacations...so boarding may add up..but it's doable.

My daughter is 2 and she is pretty good with the cats..so I think she would be great with a dog as well. I want her to be an animal lover like me...so this would certainly add to it.

Any advice?

These are the three I want to go look at...not sure if I'd get male or female:



The top two are from the same litter.