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Some guidelines for truly poor:

Not enough money to smoke or drink

Not enough money to run an air conditioner

Not enough money to run a dishwasher

Not enough money to run a dryer if you can possibly hang clothes out

No one gets new clothes until you've exhausted every chance of finding them at a garage sale, thrift store or any other source of hand-me-downs. If you can sew them, you do. If you can make them by cutting down a larger item that no one wears, you do.

1/2 your food is bagged, dried beans or rice. If you have meat, it's hamburger, pig's feet, chicken drumsticks, or whatever happens to be on the best sale. When a neighbor gives you a few pounds of venison, you nearly cry.

You roll pennies to fill the prescription for your sick kid, and beg the Dr. office to wait until your next check for their money

It goes without saying, but no cable, internet, cell phone, etc.

If you can swing a car, you balance best gas mileage with purchase price. Looks don't count at all, but mechanical condition does.

You set your thermostat at 60 during the winter. If someone gets sick, you run a radiator style electric heater in their room because that takes the least money to heat the space.
I think that the working definition of poor is what you are after Obama has decided that you are a millionaire and taxed you accordingly.