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    :( I am now on bed rest until atleast Christmas this really makes me upset because I have not had a chance to shop for the rest of my gifts.
    I know the kids and other half will understand but I am wanting to finish everything so ladies and gents please send me some web address to keep busy and to finish my shopping.
    Husband said I am not allowed to look at the computer for more than two hours a day I am going to be so bored but I have to keep the babies in the oven till atleast the 37 week mark.
    Thanks in advance everyone you are the best!
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    Hey, I'm sorry you're having to limit yourself right now.

    Here are some websites to shop from.

    The above one is good because it also gives you access to K-Mart, my goffer, Sears Outlet, and other sections of the company.

    This one below is Carters Childrenswear (baby and toddler clothing) and it has a link to Osh Kosh (for older children).

    Borders and Barnes 'n Noble are now one.

    If you think those books are a little bit pricy, try this.

    Hope this helps. Hope you feel better soon.
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    My favorites are Amazon and HSN.
    This is a bad time of year to be sidelined,
    but do everything to the letter that that your doctor tells you to. :)
    I hope you are feeling ok. I do call foul on the 2 hr limit a day online. :(
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