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... But have no doubt about it, single payer will be the system eventually. No longer will we have the patchwork of health care payment systems we currently have. No longer will small business people be burdened by the health care costs of workers comp. No longer will personal injury attorneys be able to sue for money under the guise of health care expenses, only to have that money converted to BMW's and fine liquor.

We will pay our premiums in the form of taxes, and they will go to healthcare rather than the real estate and stock portfolios of Met Life and Chase Bank. You will bitch and moan all the way, and you will be better off in the long run. No longer will you have to worry whether your child or grandchild has insurance as he wanders through his twenties trying out businesses and vocations. He can be a missionary, and still have health coverage. He can be a soldier, a machinist, a roofer, a carpenter and he will still have health insurance. This is a good thing.
I want some of what you're smoking.