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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    How can you enjoy her boobs when there is a HUGE chance of seeing that face?
    Back then, the face was firm, too. She was a hottie back in the day, but like Jane Fonda, the beauty masked an ugly soul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
    Back then, the face was firm, too. She was a hottie back in the day, but like Jane Fonda, the beauty masked an ugly soul.
    if you say so :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    It is a very insensitive thing to say, but he was referring to the things that he and his father did to survive. He wasn't saying that he enjoyed the suffering of the jews who went to the camps. He was living with a secret identity and he was 13-14 years old at the time-it would seem like a big adventure to a kid. He was a kid following his father's survival plan. There is a context to his quote.

    There was a documentary on PBS in which a young Jewish man interviews women who survived the camps. One of those women was very candid, and she told some funny stories about life in the camps. She thought about what she had said, and she said, (something very close to this) "I guess that is why some of the women wouldn't be on this program. They would feel ashamed to tell you that there were times when we laughed, that the guards weren't all monsters. They probably think I am betraying the dead, but when you are in such a desperate situation, you have to laugh to survive. "

    She had told a story about when they first arrived at the camp. All the womens' clothes had been put into a pile and the women had been stripped to go through delousing or something. When they got to dress, the clothes were comically inappropriate. She said that she had on a cocktail dress and a pair of slippers- in a work camp. That all the women and the guards (who were also women) suddenly realized how insane the whole thing was and broke out into laughter all at once. She went on to tell about developing a friendship with one of the female guards who "hired" her has a seamstress.
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