Canadian-American stage "magician-scientific skeptic" Randall James Hamilton Zwinge wants to undergo $ 1 Million Heavenly Challenge!

This is not a dream.

In February 2006, James Randi underwent coronary artery bypass surgery. Undaunted, James Randi's "Filipino Justice" converted LUIS, Armand and Angel into 3 stooges (May 19, 2006). His nemesis Philippine psychic writer Jaime T. Licauco likewise suffered angioplasty surgery on February 8, 2007, after dire contempt of the dwarve's book. Lesson: never hurt the 3 duendes.

On 9th January 2007, James' hypnotized fans published:Filipino "psychic judge" wants to undergo Challenge!
Randi was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in June 2009 and underwent his final chemotherapy session on December 31, 2009. Ergo:
LUIS, Armand and Angel cordially invite James Randi and all his fans all over the planet earth to duplicate the magick of Judge Floro's mystic palms and divine eyes, and win the coveted $ 1 Million Heavenly Challenge!

1. I Juander, Duende Judge Florentino Floro: Paniwala (belief) ng Pilipino: Mystic Judge Floro was featured in this documentary aired on Monday 10 pm, April 18, 2011, I JUANder: "Bakit naniniwala ang Pinoy sa DUWENDE?" It was replayed on October 10, 2011. Duende, I Juander

2. The Light In The Lord Real Spiritual Experiences: by judgefloro Date: 2011-08-31 Country: Philippines Category: Miracles / Healing

This is the sala of Judge Floro, Br. 73, RTC, Malabon, taken recently. Vide: Present Br. 73, RTC, Malabon Court, now presided by de facto Judge Carlos M. Flores.

I am Philippine Judge Florentino Floro. ... read more.

3. Thirty Philippine Faith Healers (Spiritual Healers) meet Judge Floro from July 23, 2011 to September 24, 2011.

[Note: Internet, including Philippine directory of Filipino Faith healers, miserably failed to update since 1999 the list of Philippine Spiritual healers. Judge Floro's blog, is the latest on the matter, and there is no other directory in existence which is so updated).

First and foremost authority on Philippine healing is Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, healing nun, Queen of Filipino faith healers, 10 countries cancer healer of the Lord. She had a one on one, 5 days, 10 hours each chat with Judge Floro, witnessed by only 3 nuns who saw heaven and the lights in Judge Floro's eyes and palms for not less than 10 minutes each.

Judge Floro visited the other 29 Filipino faith healers (including famous Anthony Vivero, psychic surgeon Edwin Agpaoa, a Russian Healer) to have asked them to look at his mystic palms and eyes which at all times emit not only divine lights, but would display "just" heaven, the many churches and wonderful arts therein, including its heavenly door.

4. The multi-colored mystic right eye of Judge Florentino Floro photographed by Nikon D3000, a First since creation of the universe

Judge Florentino Floro's mystic pupil [the central transparent area (showing an unexplained blue-green with round golden light in the lower right, with white stems, instead of black in all human eyes)], the brilliant brown iris with unexplained white surroundings, the white outer area, the sclera and the central transparent part of which is the cornea of a healthy human but mysteriously colored eye, taken by Roger Pacheco Hernandez, using a P 27,000 Nikon D3000 at 2:30 p.m., August 13, 2011, at Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines.

The Black Nazarene blesses Judge Florentino Floro

4.a. The mystic eyes of Judge Florentino Floro photographed by Nikon, showing 4 white Crosses, a First since creation of the universe

a) 4 White Crosses Judge Florentino Floro's October 29, 2008 Nikon D70 photo by Oscar Castil at Glitters, Malolos City, Bulacan) eyes displaying 4 clear Crosses.

b) November 3, 2010 Judge Florentino Floro's (Prophet, Visionary, Angel of Death & Living Saint), Nikon D60 photo by 30 years chief photographer Oscar Castil at Glitters, Malolos City, Bulacan) eyes displaying 4 clear Crosses.

Note: that when the 2 original pictures above (after computer-right click of the 2 images, then, saving in desktop, then opened with Microsoft Office 2010 and) are full zoomed, the 2 eyes of Judge Floro display clear a) & b) 4 brilliant white crosses, respectively.

4.b. Holy Image in Judge Floro's eyes, by Nikon.

Floro's Mystic Eyes by Nikon Florentino Floro's (September 4, 2011 Nikon D60 photo by 30 years photographer Jesus Tadeo, cel. # 0932-9803119): the iris and cornea-pupil display mysterious images and lights of the Black Nazarene.

5. A first since Genesis:

Sister Corazon Alonte, RVM is the 128th living witness who saw the mystic-divine lights in Judge Floro's 2 palms, while Sister Reinalda A. Sison, RVM is the 58th who saw the multi-colored lens & mystic-divine lights in Judge Floro's right eye, famous (20 years) Spiritual Healer Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM is the 1st who saw the mystic-divine lights in Judge Floro's left eye, Lina Hermoso Cruz is the 18th person who saw Jesus Christ & Mark John Tayangona is the 1st to see the Blessed Virgin Mary in Judge Floro's mystic palms from September 4, 2010 to September 25, 2011.

Baker Carlito Matnog Diaz is the 1st person who saw both Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Judge Floro's mystic palms on September 29, 2011.

6. Judge Floro meets 16 Nikon/Canon Photographers who saw the mystic lights in Judge Floro's right eye before photo sessions.

DOWNLOAD: First Friday, October 7, 2011, Verified Supplemental Omnibus Motions, 40 pages, "OCAD vs. Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr., A.M. NO. RTJ-99-1460 Essentially, Judge Floro asked the Supreme Court to pay him 9 years back wages and economic benefits and moved to rule on whether Judge Floro is resigned or should continue in office in place of Judge Carlos M. Flores, at Br. 73, RTC, Malabon, Metro Manila.

Judge Floro presented the b) Picture (Object) Evidence of i) Nikon D3000 Photo of Judge Floro's Right Eye's Cornea-Pupil-Retina displaying Mystic Blue-Green Lights
(August 13, 2011, by Photographer Roger Pacheco Hernandez), corroborated by Testimonial Evidence of 16 Photographers & 29 Faith Healers who saw the Divine Lights in Judge Floro's 2 Palms & Right Eye.

Present Br. 73, RTC, Malabon Court, now presided by de facto Judge Carlos M. Flores.

Note that the Supreme Court issued an April 12, 2011, 15-0 En Banc Resolution GRANTing Judge Floro's April 1, 2011 Motion for Full Reinstatement based on his 4th Appeal since 2006 and 2008.

Judge Florentino Floro, Coconut Healing Oil

On July 1, 2011, Judge Floro's 80 pages Motion to Execute was NOTED on July 12, 2011, that is, not acted upon, because about 4 SC Justices failed to be present at the En Banc deliberation, for mysterious reasons.

7. A first in the history of the Philippine Supreme Court since Jan. 12, 1901: All Fridays Healing Mass at the old SC Session Hall for Ateneo Law School Class 1982 Nimfa C. Vilches Deputy Court Administaror. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreas Cancer 3 weeks ago.

Note that in 2002, Judge Floro did curse under Psalms 109 & 73 all his classmates including Ateneo Law School Classes 1982, 1980 to 1990, as evidenced by this blogs.

The Supreme Court, with bated breath will RULE on Judge Floro's motion, taking into consideration this heart breaking event, including the series of Unexplained series of car accidents, illnesses, surgeries and deaths of Philippines jurists and lawyers, and the Ombudsman Curse prophesied by Judge Floro.