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We had Super 8s and the early video cameras. I knew people who made funny movies with them, but not any who made dirty movies, at least not in high school.

It's not right. I know that a lot of high school-aged kids have sex, but adults should never condone it.
I don't think that adults should condone it, we're expected to be hypocritical about it and condemnation is part of healthy resistance. I gently threaten my niece should she make such a "mistake" and I sternly informed my nephew as he left for college in Scotland that he was not to impregnate any girl at school unless she could confer a title of nobility upon him. I believe in standards.

On the other hand, many of my classmates started having sex in ninth grade (perhaps eighth) and by high school it was to be assumed that couples were having sex, unless they were goofy nerdy couples (whom it turned out were also having goofy nerdy sex). Three ways weren't unheard of, but remember the era..........DISCO.