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  1. #1 "I guess the world still needs ditch diggers." 
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    "I guess the world still needs ditch diggers."

    That saying has always bugged me. My mom was a cook for a large school,my dad worked his whole adult life on the railroad. Both belonged to unions. They worked hard,got a decent wage,and got a decent pension. Those days of decent wages were thankfully,thankfully still availible before they retired.

    Yes,the world needs ditch diggers. It's probably something one of the 1% thought of,belittling them. But Mr.1% pay them an honest wage for an honest days work. Give them a fair pension after a lifetime of this backbreaking labor. That should not be too much to ask.

    And what is wrong with ditch diggers? I am a ditch digger....make pretty damn good money. We are a union shop......was part of a nationwide union...ended up forming our own union.....and we are under state pension.
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