undergroundpanther (1000+ posts) Thu Sep-11-08 01:18 AM
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Advertisements [?]why does my body keep on living when I don't want it to?
It hurts,Why must I breathe again?Why must my heart keep beating?Why doesn't my brain get a clot in it and kill this damn body?,Why can't all this fucking pain inside all just stop? Why can't I just cease to be? I never wanted this.I never asked for this.I don't want it anymore.This ache inside it never stops.My life is a lot of nothing anyway. never mind.
This bitch is so full of shit. She's depressed, but not that depressed. She is an attention whore. If she's really wanted to die for this long, she'd swallowed a bullet by now.

ftbc (1000+ posts) Thu Sep-11-08 08:38 AM
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1. Hang in there. You can look forward to the next day when you feel good.

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Nope. Ain't gunna happen.