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    How to scam a bullshit artist...or at least try. Picture this; my wife sells Tastefully Simple on the side. Well, one day she gets an email from a woman who says that her old consultant had passed away and she saw my wife in the directory and asked if she could place an order with her, which my wife was fine with. Now, this person said that they are uncomfortable with using a credit card over the internet and asked if she could mail us a check. Again, not a problem. A few days later, we get an express mail envelope on our mailbox and in it, with no accompanying letter is a $1300 check. Um, ok. The return address ends up being from the UPS store in Kissimee, FL and the check is written from a company in California. So, I looked the company up and asked them why they would send me a check via Florida. They asked me for details from the check and it turns out that the check number doesn't jibe as it's still in their database although the account number was only 2 numbers off. I looked the check routing number up and the routing number isn't in any data base. It's a Citibank check but unfortunately the closest Citibank is 3 hours away. So, I put the check aside and we forgot about it.

    Then my wife sends the woman an email asking when she was mailing the check. She said that she did. Huh, right? Well, my wife said that she couldn't verify the check we got so a couple days later we get a Fed Ex delivery and another $1300 check. Again, from a different state that this person said they lived(SC) from a company in a completely different state. Again, I check the routing number and again, it's unverifiable. Well, we put 2 and 2 together and figured this is looking like a scam. Well, my wife tells this woman that we can't verify this check either. Well, this dunce says that we're supposed to lace her order, cash the check, keep what the order cost and Western Union her financial consultant the balance. Well, my wife tells her that we're not a check cashing service and that we know this is a scam(my wife's contact with Tastefully Simple told her that this is a known scam and that it originates overseas). We haven't heard from her since.

    So, we're sitting on $2600 worth of bogus checks. Any idea what we should do? Some say go to the police but we've already been told that the police won't do anything because it's out of state. But I don't want to let this go because there is mail fraud, check fraud, among other things going on here. Any pointers?
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    They may not do anything but you still report it so it's on the record.
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    contact them for the mail fraud at lest
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