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    Quote Originally Posted by RobJohnson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Arroyo_Doble View Post
    Why does Ron Paul make so many Republicans uncomfortable?
    Because he is crazy?

    Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txradioguy View Post
    47% of the population pays no taxes at all. Your fellow Dems consider "rich" to be someone making
    250K a year.

    What is so fair about a system that forces a small percentage to fund the majority?

    That kind of argument sounds like the same drivel being spewed by the OWS sleazeballs.

    And so does high taxiation rates on the "wealthy". More so than even your theoretical "underground" economy bullshit.

    No one every said they didn't. But they invest that money in their business in the form of infrastructure investments purchases of equipment and the like.

    Things they can't do when their liquidity shrinks due to an overburdensome tax policy set forth by the Federal Government.
    Don't forget the EIC, where a single person with a couple kids can work part time for a few months, get every penny back they have paid into the IRS, plus a bonus for working.....It pisses me off when I see lazy people with no goals, brag about $5,000 IRS refunds and they worked about 180 days out of the's not a's a darn gift from the gov't.....why can't those of us that work get such rewards....? On top of the EIC credits, they also have kids on tax free SSI, healthcare with no co-pays from Medicaid, etc...and let's not forget the $1000 plus of medication that Medicaid pays for to justify the child's "disability"....medication to keep them awake, and medication so they can sleep...."babysitter in a bottle"....the kids are coached and allowed to act up in school by the parents and the ADHA diagnosis allows the monthly checks to roll in...of course, there is a limit of about $50.000 tax free per family for SSI benefits....

    I see families of five that have to see a doctor every 14 days....the state pays the doctor $200 to see each one of them...he sees them all at once...that's $1000 so he can write them $5000 in Rx drugs....they are in and out of the office in about five minutes....These are the same lazy fuckers complaining about rich they have an iPhone to their ear with unlimited data packages...and enough extra pills to sell to the babysitter next door... Medicaid and Disability is starting to become the new "American Dream" for way too many...

    Let's not forget about the free rent, and food.....

    If you add up all the gov't handouts these families get, that pay NO INCOME TAX, it might just equal six figures....if the family is large enough, it could easily end up being 250,000..... I know for a fact there are people that get over $100,000 a year in healthcare from Medicaid....and they DONT WORK......or even try to find a job.....and of course, they don't pay a penny for health insurance either.... One lady had the balls to tell me that she was afraid if she had a part time job, they would lose too many benefits for her husband that is disabled..they get free electricity grants, free co-pay coverage, etc.....they bought a house (foreclosure) with a credit card cash advance and then filed bankruptcy a year nice! But some how it's the bank's fault!!!!!!! LOL

    I listen to union cry babies that won't take heavy equipment jobs (construction is way down) for less then $40 an hour (plus the employer pays in $12 an hour for benefits to the trust fund) because they would rather work for 12 weeks, get laid off, and qualify for up to 99 weeks of unemployment....and most of these guys work for cash while they are off work, for $10 an $10 is ok.....but taking a real legit job for $20 an hour is "unfair?"
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