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Thu Sep-11-08 10:57 AM
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Scene: Office building hallway encounter.

People involved: Me and a mid-60s Republican businessman, very conservative.


Man: "Hello, how are you today?"

Me: "Fine, trying to stay dry." (It's been raining lightly here.)

Man: "It's going to really get bad over the weekend, I hear. On the news they said they think the hurricane will head straight for us once it hits land."

Me: "I don't mind the rain, as long as it's not accompanied by severe lightning, high winds, or hail."

Man: "Well, let's hope not. I noticed you have an Obama sticker on your car, he seems like a pretty sharp fella to me."

Me: "I think he is. We need someone new, someone who hasn't been in the political loop for decades, and I think he's the guy to turn things around."

Man: "He's done pretty well for himself, and he gives a good speech."

Me: "Kind of a departure from what we're used to, isn't it?"

Man: "It really is."

Me: "I can't imagine what McCain was thinking when he picked that Governor from Alaska to be his running mate. She seems to have a lot of problems with abuse of power, and it's been pretty well documented that she's a liar, yet she keeps repeating the same lies anyway."

Man: "It's really crazy. I've noticed that too, and there's something about her voice that really irritates me. My wife doesn't like her, either."

Me: "Well, like it or not, there's not much that can be done about it now, the choice has been made."

Man: (Leans over and lowers his voice) "It's certainly not my choice, and I simply cannot vote for this ticket."

Me: "Are you just planning on sitting this one out?"

Man: "My wife says she might, but I think I'm going to vote for your guys. That Joe Biden has been a pretty decent guy most of the time, and I feel we're to the point now where we must head in a totally different direction. If we don't, I fear there won't be much left to put back together, because the government we have as it is now is broken."

Me: "I've felt that way since 2000."

Man: "Bush hasn't been a success at anything he's done, he's always relied on others to make things happen for him. You know, years ago when he was trying to drill for oil he kept coming up with dry wells. Well, you know, when you sell 150% interest in a well, you better make sure it comes up dry, or you have a big problem on your hands. And he was drilling in areas where you can almost stick a screwdriver in the ground and find oil, yet he wasn't able to."

Me: "I don't know why anyone would have expected anything different from him in the White House. What you see is what you get."

Man: "I think a lot of us were fooled, but I'm not going to be fooled again. My wife is really unhappy with what's going on in this country, and so are many of her friends who don't have political ties."

Me: "I can't imagine what is wrong with people who still support the kind of things we've seen happen over the last 8 years."

Man: "Oh, I think it's because it takes too much effort to come to grips with the fact that you've been wrong. No one likes to admit they've been had, or taken advantage of, yet that's really what's happened. I think we've all been lied to, and it's difficult to accept that these people are working against you instead of for you."

At this point, a woman who also works in the building got off the elevator. She was once a big Republican fund raiser, and I've had several conversations with her. She's totally a Democrat now, and says she and her husband fight constantly because he's still a die hard Republican.

Woman: "Well if it isn't my two favorite guys! How are you?"

We both reply we're fine, and that she's looking well.

Woman: "Oh, thanks. I've been so busy lately..." She looks at me and says, "did you hear that our guy (Obama) is opening a campaign office Saturday?"

Me: "Yes, I did. I just got the invitation yesterday."

Woman: "I'm so excited!" (Then she looks at the older man) "You should go by and get some information on Barack, he's a very impressive young man, and I think he'll be just great for our country!"

Man: "I might have to do that. This will be the first time in my 60 some odd years that I've voted for a Democrat, but there doesn't seem to be any other choice."

Woman: "Honey, there hasn't been any other choice for a long time, and as they say, don't get mad, get even. Giving the Democrats the White House and Congress is the only way to send a message that enough is enough!"

At that point, she reached into her purse and pulled out an Obama bumper sticker.

Woman: "Here, this will look great on the back of your car! I have one on mine and I can't tell you how many people have asked me about Obama."

The man thanked her for the sticker, and said he'd better get to his office before they came looking for him. After he left, the woman told me that she feels better about our country's future than she has in a long time.

Woman: "McCain really scraped the bottom of the barrel to find Miss Sarah. Why, she's so sensitive she must get bruised if she's asked a difficult question. She's the kind who likes to think she knows everything, but really knows nothing. She'll just do as she's told, and I think we've had more than enough of that!"

Me: "Amen."

Woman: "Amen! Good seeing you! We're getting them, one at a time, they're seeing the light...and none too soon, either!"

So, not all Republicans are buying into the McCain/Palin ticket. Not by a long shot, and I'll tell you that this woman is an incredible personality.

Cheers! :)

All bouncys are stupid - but this one is worse than the usual. I wonder how long it takes them to make this stuff up.