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    Netflix Inc., which once could do little wrong in the eyes of customers and investors, has lost the goodwill of both.

    The Internet video innovator on Monday said it lost more customers than it expected in the third quarter following what it admitted was a botched effort to divorce rentals of DVDs from streaming video services, and predicted that subscriptions for DVD delivery will decline sharply in the current period.

    Netflix also projected that it will begin losing money for a few quarters starting in the first period, because of costs associated with an expansion in the United Kingdom and Ireland also announced Monday ...
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    Their instant video selection is getting shittier every day. I think Netflix will be the AOL of online streaming movie providers. I heard that Walmart is getting into the game and that will likely screw Netflix altogether.
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    Is it any wonder? I was getting whiplash from Hastings' bipolar management decisions. Customers do not appreciate being jerked around.
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