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    There's no R on my voter registration card. The republicans have ticked me off over the years as much as the dems have, mainly by NOT sticking to the ideals they flaunt during election seasons. So I'm watching the primary process, liking some folks more than others, but knowing that I have no say in the decision about who will be running against Obama. Last time we got stuck with McCain, this time we may get another wishy-washy, "safe" and "electable" candidate. I don't want electable, I want someone with the backbone to get into DC and fix what's broken. Do I bite my tongue and change my registration, or are there other options?

    Arizona evidently used to have an open primary process, but they changed the name of the election to a "Presidential Preference Election" that only lets party members vote.
    I think that policy is actually made behind the scenes by lobbyists that represent special interest groups. So a choice of candidate based on specific preferences may be wishful thinking.

    A prime example is what we are seeing in our foreign policy. Democrats usually prefer to address domestic issues first and foreign issues second, but it hasn't been the case with Obama. Reason? He is not calling the shots, the neocons in the NSA are calling the shots. These warmongers are career bureaucrats that are deeply entrenched so it doesn't matter who is president, they will have their way.

    In fairness to Obama, anything coming out of the grid locked Congress is likely to be petty stuff that gives the pols something to occupy their time, so he makes his points in foreign policy where the neocons call the shots and not the Congress. Libya is a prime example where the gutless Congress just sat on their hands and watched whille Obama did his thing.

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    There is no market for centrism so a pragmatist is sol. Which leaves people to pick the worst of the evils that are available at election time. Voting has become a waste of time IMO, and I think we need a "none of rhe above" option on our ballots.

    Any more people are hung up on ideology. As if that will fill anyone's belly.
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    sorry hansel I thought of this when i first saw your name lol

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    sorry hansel I thought of this when i first saw your name lol
    Viideos do not come in well on my puter, so I didn't get much out of it.

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