My God you are an idiot. But I'll play along:

I want the unemployment benefits structure to be reformed, even though I have a job.
So, in other words, people should be paid what, $1000 a week just for sitting on their asses and not even looking for a job? UI is only supposed to help cover the basics until you can find another job. But you and your ilk want to be able to use UI to keep funding those toys we're talking about. In NJ, UI is very good but it isn't free. You help pay for it. I've been paying into the NJ UI pool, with the exception of the time between 9/98-7/03, since 1981. That's 25 years(taking away the 5 I lived out of state) and yet I've collected exactly 6 months of UI in all that time. However, I know of people who collect off and on every year. They get jobs, dilly for a while, then allow themselves to be fired, usually by just not showing up after a while. So, is the system flawed or are the abusers destroying the system?

I want housing assistance for homeless families to be expanded, even though I have a home.
Fine. No one is stopping you from making donations to homeless shelters. But don't force me to pay for them if I don't want to. Also, many homeless people are homeless because of choices they have made. Is it fair to force me to pay for their mistakes?

I want greater access to higher education, even though I'm already educated.
So this should be "free" also? (I put free in quotes because the only way to fund this would for your ilk to seize from the producers to pay for it) Not to mention that EVERYONE...let me repeat that, EVERYONE has ample opportunity to continue their education. But noooo, you and your ilk think that I should pay for someone to go to some high end university which is idiocy. There is nothing wrong with going to a community college to start. In fact, most community colleges are not only affordable but they also partner with 4 year colleges which allow you to work toward your degree easier. If you choose to go to a high end college and take loans to do so, it is your choice hence your responsibility to pay it back. It's really this easy.

No wee wee, your idiotic ilk wants the world on a platter and want everyone else to pay for it.