Money, one of the main issues that sparked the Occupation of Wall Street, is now causing tension among the ranks of protesters.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) may not have a unified goal, or a confirmed set of demands, or even an official leader… but the rag-tag group assembled in Zuccotti Park has a half-million dollars in the bank.

According to the New York Post, OWS has deposited five hundred thousand dollars into an account and is using the money to fund the daily operations in Lower Manhattan. They also have physical assets substantial enough to require significant storage space. CBS News reports that the protesters are filling a large storage space around the corner from the park they occupy.

“They’ve amassed mounds of blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, cans of food, medical and hygienic supplies — even oddities like a box of knitting wool and 20 pairs of swimming goggles (to shield protesters from pepper-spray attacks). Supporters are shipping about 300 boxes a day.”

Donations in the form of money and goods have been coming in since the early days of “Occupy Wall Street” but most of the protesters were oblivious to how much money had been collected until the newspapers started reporting it. And now there is a mad scramble by many to stake a claim on a share of the cash sitting in a union-owned credit union. Early last week it was reported that $300,000 in cash had been donated to the group from various sources and that money had been deposited in a local branch of a credit union: