To those Democrats who support OWS:

  • Numerous viral videos have documented extensive evidence of pervasive anti-Semtitism, Marxism and violent rhetoric at the OWS events. Do you regret your statement of support for the OWS protesters?
  • Several of the OWS sites have been forcibly shut down by police after reports of crimes against persons and property, and significant photographic evidence shows that the protesters deliberately defaced public and private property, damaged infrastructure and created conditions that are potential health hazards. This is in contrast to the Tea Partiers, who cleaned their trash and left the sites of their venues in better condition than they found it. What can the OWS protesters learn from the Tea Partiers about environmental stewardship, recycling and other green efforts?
  • Rep. John L. Lewis claimed to have been verbally abused by Tea Partiers, called an ethnic slur, and spit on. Video of the events in question demonstrated that this was, in fact, not true. OTOH, there is video of Rep. Lewis being shouted down by Occupy Atlanta protesters. Do you think that the Occupy Atlanta protesters were motivated by racism when they attack Rep. Lewis? Why did Rep. Lewis lie about being attacked by the Tea Party, but keep silent about a real attack by the OWS movement?
  • A number of Occupation sites have been cited for attempting to cover up sexual crimes, including assaults and rapes, and refusing to cooperate with authorities. A recent case in Manchester, NH, involved forced prostitution of a minor who was picked up at the Occupy NH event. Do you support the OWS movement's systemic abuse of women?

For the media:
  • You reported that Rep. John L. Lewis was insulted with an ethnic slur at a Tea Party event and spat on. When that story proved to be false, you did not retract it. Recently, Rep. Lewis was shouted down at Occupy Atlanta, as confirmed by videos at the event. You have not reported the latter incident, and have not called out the OWS movement for their disgraceful treatment of a sympathetic Civil Rights leader. Why haven't you given this equal billing?
  • Staffers at MSNBC who have reported on OWS have been found to have provided OWS with guidance on how to craft their media message. Doesn't this constitute a conflict of interest for the MSNBC staffers? Will there be any disciplinary action taken against them?
  • You have reported that the Tea Party events were based on racial animus towards Obama, despite being unable to produce any evidence of racial bias. There is extensive evidence that OWS and other occupation groups are permeated with anti-Semitic groups, and they have been openly endorsed by the American Nazi Party. Given the evidence, which group contains the most racists?
  • Why haven't you run the photo of the OWS protester defecating on a police car?
  • The message of the Tea Party was for less government spending and a more open, transparent process. The message of the OWS movement, to the extent that one can be discerned, is open hatred of people characterized as "rich", bankers, Jews, Republicans, US military personnel and pretty much anyone with a job. If the Tea Partiers had their way, taxes would be lower and spending would have been disciplined. If the OWS protesters have their way, bankers and capitalists will be executed and eaten. Which group do you consider extreme?