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    George Will has written a column exploring Romney's position changes over the years. If this is accurate, and I have no reason to think otherwise, then Mitt Romney has held more positions than a porn star. Will's basic premise is summed up in this snippet:

    "Romney, supposedly the Republican most electable next November, is a recidivist reviser of his principles who is not only becoming less electable, he might damage GOP chances of capturing the Senate: Republican successes down the ticket will depend on the energies of the tea party and other conservatives, who will be deflated by a nominee whose blurry profile in caution communicates only calculated trimming. Republicans may have found their Michael Dukakis, a technocratic Massachusetts governor who takes his bearings from ‘data’ ... Has conservatism come so far, surmounting so many obstacles, to settle, at a moment of economic crisis, for THIS?

    Read more:

    The PDF can be found at and it is worth reading. I'd run the whole thing here, but it's 50,000 characters. However, here are a few highlights from the article:

    Northeastern University’s William Mayer: “After Studying Presidential Nominations For 30 Years, I’ve Never Seen Somebody Who Has So Completely Renounced His Past Record When He Decided To Run For President.” (Jill Zuckman, “Romney’s On A Roll, In The Money And The Polls,” Chicago Tribune,
    ABORTION: Romney Was Pro-Choice, Then Not Pro-Choice, Then Pro-Choice Again, Then Pro-Life
    In 1994, Romney Backed Federal Funding Of Abortion And Codifying Roe v. Wade. “Romney supports a
    federal health care plan option that includes abortion services, would vote for a law codifying the 1972 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion and backs federal funding for abortions as long as states can decide if they want the money, [a spokesman] said.” (Ed Hayward, “Anti-Abortion Group Endorses Romney Bid,” Boston Herald, 9/8/94)
    1999: Romney Claimed “When I Am Asked If Am I Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life, I Say I Refuse To Accept Either
    Label.” (Glen Warchol, “This Is The Place, But Politics May Lead Romneys Elsewhere,” The Salt Lake Tribune, 2/14/99)
     2002: Running For Massachusetts Governor, Romney Said He Was “Devoted” To Pro-Choice Position. “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose, and am devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that regard. I will not change any provisions of Massachusetts’ pro-choice laws.” (2002 Romney-O’Brien
    Gubernatorial Debate, Suffolk University, Boston, MA, 10/29/02)
    2005: Romney Considered Abortion-Rights Supporter By Pro-Life Groups – Aide Claimed His Position
    Had Not Changed. “[Massachusetts Citizens for Life] considers Romney to be an abortion-rights supporter, as do national antiabortion groups such as the Family Research Council. … [Romney aide Eric] Fehrnstrom said the governor’s position has not changed on either sex education or abortion.” (Scott S. Greenberger, “Roe V. Wade Omitted From Proclamation,” The Boston Globe, 3/25/05)
    2007: Romney Now Claims He Has Always Been Pro-Life. “I am firmly pro-life … I was always for life.” (Jim
    Davenport, “Romney Affirms Abortion Opposition During Stop In SC,” The Associated Press, 2/8/07)

    IMMIGRATION: Romney Once Backed Path To Citizenship, Said McCain Plan Was “Quite Different” From Amnesty, But Now Says He Opposes Path To Citizenship And Attacks McCain Plan As “Amnesty”
    In 2006, Romney Said Illegal Immigrants Should Have Path To Citizenship. “Gov. Mitt Romney expressed
    support … for an immigration program that places large numbers of illegal residents on the path toward
    citizenship … Romney said illegal immigrants should have a chance to obtain citizenship.” (Evan Lehmann, “Romney Supports Immigration Program, But Not Granting ‘Amnesty’,” The Lowell Sun, 3/30/06)
    • Romney: “Those [Immigrants] That Are Here Paying Taxes And Not Taking Government Benefits
    Should Begin A Process Towards Application For Citizenship.” “I don’t believe in rounding up 11 million
    people and forcing them at gunpoint from our country … With these 11 million people, let’s have them
    registered, know who they are. Those who’ve been arrested or convicted of crimes shouldn’t be here; those
    that are here paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process towards application for citizenship, as they would from their home country.” (Evan Lehmann, “Romney Supports Immigration Program, But Not Granting ‘Amnesty’,” The Lowell Sun, 3/30/06)
    In 2005, Romney Said McCain Immigration Plan Was “Quite Different” From Amnesty And Called Plan
    “Reasonable.” “In a November 2005 interview with the Globe, Romney described immigration proposals by
    McCain and others as ‘quite different’ from amnesty, because they required illegal immigrants to register with the government, work for years, pay taxes, not take public benefits, and pay a fine before applying for citizenship.
    ‘That’s very different than amnesty, where you literally say, “OK, everybody here gets to stay,”‘ Romney said in the interview. ‘It’s saying you could work your way into becoming a legal resident of the country by working here without taking benefits and then applying and then paying a fine.’” (Scott Helman, “Romney’s Words Grow Hard On Immigration,” The Boston Globe, 3/16/07)
    • Romney Spoke “Approvingly Of Efforts By McCain And Bush To Solve The Nation’s Immigration
    Crisis.” “Romney did not specifically endorse McCain’s bill, saying he had not yet formulated a full position on immigration. But he did speak approvingly of efforts by McCain and Bush to solve the nation’s immigration
    crisis, calling them ‘reasonable proposals.’” (Scott Helman, “Romney’s Words Grow Hard On Immigration,” The Boston Globe,

    There are many more at the link. As for what Romney truly believes on any issue? Who knows? With any luck, this column will finish his candidacy.
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