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I'll be upgrading sometime in the next few months. Will be getting a Droid. I have other things to sell my soul to before I sell it to Apple.
The thing about the iPhone is that i know it will be 100% compatible and clever with my macbook. That, and my friend Bubby told me that when he walks into his house, his iPhone automatically sends any photos he has taken to his computer. Now the silliness of that is that I rarely take photos with my phone.

I think I have decided on the Samsung Exhibit (4g front and rear cameras, android, bluetooth, scratchless screen, etc...). It seems to have most of the bells and whistles that matter, isn't the size of a small tv set, and when I played with it tonight in the store (I just happened to be 12 miles out of my way) the salesman said that if I wasn't going to get the $259 Samsung Galaxy 2 II then I might as well get the most bang for the buck, which as it turns out is $29 with contract renewal plus $18 "upgrade fee". T Mobile irritates me, but I really do have a good deal and the coverage is great around here.