Unlike many of the other "Occupations" around the country, the encampment that surrounds Los Angeles City Hall, known as Occupy L.A. has been largely left alone by the authorities. The City Council has even gone so far as to give its blessing to the occupation by unanimously passing a resolution in support of OLA. Most of the time there are no police to be seen in, or even around, the park, leaving the 300 plus revolutionaries living in the camp, not to mention the hundreds and sometimes thousands that visit during the day, especially on the weekends, to do essentially as they please. And when you also consider the mild Southern California weather, Occupy L.A. should represent an ideal microcosm of what the Occupation Movement is and aspires to become. ...An airplane had just flown overhead leaving a white trail across the blue sky. There were also similar trails in the distance - chemtrails! Within seconds a distraught young man ran up onto the stage, grabbed the microphone away from the woman who was chanting and tried to warn everyone of the danger. Before he could finish, the mic was quickly plucked from his hand. Some in the crowd yelled "Let him speak". You can watch the video which begins just as the young man grabs the mic.

As you can see the endless chanting, which was supposed to calm tension in the camp was actually driving everyone to the brink. Soon a man wearing a yellow hardhat and holding a megaphone came out onto the plaza and began to explain to the crowd how they could protect themselves from the chemtrails, while the other fellow became more and more hysterical by the minute.

Eventually he was sobbing, tears pouring down his face.

Finally he fell to the ground pointing at the sky.

With the chanting, and the yoga, and the chemtrails, and the pot smoke, and the megaphones, it was like a crazy nightmare. And while all this was going on, the big, bearded guy who had been trying for an hour to give his speech about the communists controlling the address system on the main stage, had walked up the steps and was standing in front of the yoga holding his arms crossed over his head with clenched fists. In the new sign language of the occupation movement, this gesture means "unacceptable"....

Check out the pics too, this is just the chemtrail section there's more madness at the link