Being a fellow Marine, and knowing there are many more here on the site as well as current heros serving honorably in all services, I have to ask the hard question; just who is Scott Olsen?

To be honest, everyone should pray for his continued recovery. Just my personal opinion, but I believe everyone deserves sympathy and prayer in their hour of need.

That being said; what does anyone really know about the Hero of Occupy Oakland? (which is suprising, since the Left usually spits on the military.)

I've seen his facebook, and the link to where he hosted a site called I've seen the picture of him in his dress blues, flipping the bird. But has anyone seen his DD214? What was his character of discharge? Did he actually serve in combat, or more in a service role in Iraq, like I did when I handled Logistics?

Post what you can find! At least to satisfy my curiousity, if anything.

Semper Fi.