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It's hot here again today. When we arrived yesterday afternoon, it was 93, but before we could get out of the airport, a major thunder storm rolled in and broke. It cooled it down a bit, but it's going to be another hot, sunny day both in the megalopolis and in the Commie Cesspool, to which I'm heading right now (via the faithful, if slow, Amtrak).

TOTD: Thankfully, no. Many years ago, my father collapsed at home and died of a heart attack, but I was away at college. My mother knew no CPR and called the emergency numbers at the time. When I received her call, he wasn't dead and I immediately drove the 90 miles to Jacksonville, uncertain of his condition (pre-cell phones). He was dead by the time I started the drive. I had been trained in CPR, so I've never been sure if I could have altered his destiny had I been there.

That sucks,CW.:( What a thing to have on your mind all these years.